From one of SBS Radio programs day, Melbourne , 2016

from her peresentations, Melbourne, 2018

from an SBS Radio program, Melbourne 2016

Halle Yilmaz - from a meeting at Parmenet House, Canberra 2018

From one of my business consulting session, Melbourne, 2017

with Tony Abbott,,28th Prime Minister of Australia, Canberra, 2017

From meeting with a client, Melbourne 2017

from an event, Melbourne, 2018

Halle Yilmaz - from a meeting , Melbourne 2019

From one of advisers conference, 2015

Halle with MBA students, 2018

with some of her students, 2018

with John Howard, 25th Prime Minister of Australai, Melbourne, 2015

Halle Yilmaz after program at SBS Radio, 2017

Lecturing day , Melbourne, 2017

From her event, Melbourne , 2018

From a conference, Melbourne , 2018

From one of SBS Radio programs, Melbourne,2016

with Julia Gillard,27th Prime Minister of Australia,Melbourne 2016

Halle Yilmaz _ with Tanya Plibersek -Parlement House, Canberra, 2018