How Does It Feel When You Have A Solid Financial Foundation?

How Does It Feel When You Have A Solid Financial Foundation?

There is no difference between having your desired physical and financial house. Both of them require the same: a design, structure, the finished work exam and furnishing of each room accordingly.

You cannot buy the furniture first and put them in a storage room and then to get the design and structure of your house correct. However, many people do it with their financial house, buying all the financial products first then trying to get them fit into their financial house.

It may seem like a simple part of the overall construction process is the foundation, but getting it right before building your rooms to furnish them with the right products is incredibly important. The biggest reason for this is that your entire house sits on top of it! Any mistakes you make in the foundation will only get worse as you go up. You might skimp in the foundation and something fails, I can tell you that it cannot be an easy fix.

solid financial wealth will also be based on a strong foundation of wealth protection where it will reduce the financial impact of certain events that are out of our control such as premature death, serious illness, total or partial disablement, fire or an accident. Unfortunately, some people underestimate getting the foundation right first. They are all concerned with increasing wealth in their lives, however managing and protecting the wealth, assets and lifestyle they currently have is an extremely important aspect to consider.

Events such as premature death, partial or total and permanent disablement and serious illness (- for instance cancer or heart attack-) will no doubt have an emotional strain however; they can, and often do, have a catastrophic financial strain for an entire family. The consequences of such events can result in unplanned loss of assets and lifestyle changes for you, your loved ones and business partners. Although an event might be a temporary one, the negative financial effects will last for many years.

Therefore, it is very crucial to have a solid structure, which has to support the weight of your wealth building and accumulation plans and goals like those that your physical house does. Do you know that after a building is built you cannot even see the foundations? Hence, it takes 30-40% of the time of building a house just to make sure the foundation is right and strong. The same thing applies to your financial house. Your financial foundation deserves the highest focus and attention.

Although everybody wants to have some form of protection, not many people take the action to have something in place.

Interestingly enough a survey was made by a research firm. The first question was that

What is your greatest hope in life?

The top answers were;

  • To be financially secure
  • To have happiness and security
  • To be sure that my family will be secure
  • To retain my health and my income
  • To have the respect of my family and friends

The second question was that

What is your greatest fear in life?

The top answers were;

  • Fear of insecurity
  • Not being able to carry on for self and family
  • Sickness and unemployment
  • Poverty and death

People have always wanted and will look for security as it is our foundation generally at the cost of personal freedom.

There are four great threats to security: unemployment due to unexpected life events, total and permanent disability, serious illness and immature death. Life insurance offers you the most efficient method of achieving economic security against these four threats. You live, work, and bring home the fruits of your labour. You maintain certain standard of living that may not include Caribbean cruises and golf club memberships, but that do include a home for your family, food, clothing, education, and savings for your retirement.

Life insurance not only insures a life, it insures a way of life. Insurance makes it possible for you to have security and, at the same time dignity and freedom when you need it the most.


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